2nd Semester Enrollment FAQ


Q: When are parents expected to make an enrollment decision for 2nd semester?

A: Parents are expected to make their decisions during the week of November 2nd thru November 8th.

Q: Is the decision to return to In-Person learning or to stay in OFA (virtual learning) a commitment for the entire second semester?

A: Yes, this is expected to be a commitment for the remainder of the school year. 

Q: Why is the school district asking for enrollment decisions at this time?

A: This timeline will allow district staff to most appropriately place all students in classrooms and on school buses in alignment with the Health and Safety precautions standards presented for the Return to School in August. All of those decisions are impacted by the number of students at school, thus it is important for us to lock in students for the 2nd semester enrollment. Our decisions/planning is based on the enrollment choices for each school, in each grade level, for each student.

Q: If my student is at school for In-Person learning now, and I want them to continue, do I need to do anything?

A: No, if your student is at school for In-Person learning, your student will automatically continue In-Person for 2nd semester. 

Q: If my student is at school for In-Person learning now, and I want them to switch to virtual learning (OFA), what do I do?

A: Contact Cassie Southards at csouthards@ofr5.com or call at 636-925-5461.

Q: For elementary students returning to In-Person from OFA (virtual learning)...can you tell me more about what a multi-grade classroom would look like?

A: Students in a multi-grade level classroom will look much like a regular classroom. Teachers will design lessons that are differentiated by the essential learning outcomes at each grade level. A lot of instruction will take place in small groups versus a traditional whole group learning approach. 

Q: For elementary students if a multi-grade approach is used, how many grade levels will be in a multi-grade classroom?

A: Multi-grade classrooms will not span more than two grade levels. Multi-grade classrooms will be paired with similar social and academic levels. For example, it is possible that students in first and second grade would be in the same classroom. 

Q: What impact will student re-entry from online learning have on class sizes for In-Person learning?

A: We anticipate In-Person class sizes will increase, but stay within the state standards. Until all families have made their final selection, exact class sizes will not be able to be determined. Our goal is to keep class sizes as low as possible in order to promote the safety of our staff and students. 

Q: For students who choose to stay in the OFA Elementary learning platform, will my child’s teacher be the same?

A: While every effort will be made to keep students on the same class lists, until enrollment decisions have been made we will not know how many teachers will be assigned In-Person and assigned to teach OFA. Once those decisions have been made class lists will be adjusted accordingly. 

Q: For secondary, what will the OFA learning platform look like for Semester 2?

A: The same as Semester 1. High School will continue with Edgenuity. Middle school will continue with core instruction through Edgenuity and exploratory instruction through Canvas. 

Q: For secondary, what will OFA support look like for Semester 2?

A: Middle and High School OFA support will continue to be provided but may look different depending on the number of students who return to In-Person learning. 

Q: Where can I access the school district’s COVID-19 data?

A: Orchard Farm School District maintains a COVID-19 Dashboard of student/staff positive tests and quarantines. This is updated weekly and can be accessed here on our website. *Recently, we added some additional features and cumulative data.

Q: What Health & Safety Precautions will be in place for 2nd semester?

A: All Health & Safety Precautions that were put in place for the Return to School in August will continue to be in place for the remainder of the school year; this includes the required wearing of masks.  

Student enrollments in the Early Learning Center are being coordinated by the building team: 

Dr. Kari Schriber, Principal, 636-925-5410, kschriber@ofr5.com 

Karen Gilkey, Administrative Assistant, 636-925-5402, kgilkey@ofr5.com 
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