PE Rules and Regulations

Orchard Farm High School Physical Education Policies and Expectations


  1. Participation and dressing out will constitute 50% of the total grade.  Class performance will be evaluated on daily performance. These points will be based on the following: 

Effort- does the student participate to full potential.

Attitude and behavior- is the student demonstrate sportsmanship and respectful toward other students and teachers.

      2.    Written assessments will constitute 25% of the total grade. Knowledge will be assessed through written tests and additional assignments may also be given.

  1.  Fitness development will constitute 15% of the total grade.  Fitness development is the  the warm-up and cardiovascular portions of each class. 
  1. Skills assessments will constitute 10% of the total grade.  Skills test will be given during different units.

Class Procedures

  1. Students will dress out and participate everyday.  This includes game days, performances, and activity days.  Clothing with alcohol, cigarette, drug, and or sexual connotations will not be allowed.  Shorts/sweat pants, t-shirt/sweatshirts, socks and tennis shoes must be worn. No jewelry should be worn at any time during class.  A combination lock will be needed for locker.
  1. Students who are absent from class are required to do written make work for each day missed of class.
  1. Students are allowed one no dress per semester.  EVERY no dress after that will result in a Thursday detention.  Students who do not dress out will be assigned to ISS for that day and given an assignment to do.  The student’s participation grade will be affected.
  1. Medical excuses- a doctor’s note is needed if a student will miss more than two consecutive class periods.  A parent’s note excusing the student for illness is good for only two consecutive class periods. However even though the student is excused from physical activity they will be sent to ISS and must make up points through written work.  The written work is due day it’s assigned.
  1. Students who need inhalers should have the inhalers with them at all times.  Please make teacher aware of all medical conditions.
  1. Students will not be excused from physical education to make up other classes.  Only office personal can excuse students.
  1. Students are to use call boxes for emergencies only.
  1. No food or drink in any gym.  Water is acceptable.
  1.  ***** Please keep all items locked up!  Do not bring valuables or money to locker room!  We are not responsible for lost items. ****** Use lockers or coaches office for important items.
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