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Our Reading, Vocabulary, Writing, and Grammar/Language comes from the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Journeys series. Below is the reading book that all the students have. 
The website for this book is:
Each week we cover a new "lesson" that has a new story with our new vocabulary words and the new grammar/language lesson. The week's spelling words also correlate to the lesson we are on in reading and language, but can be found in the Spelling Information tab to the left.  <-- 

Below are the lesson's story and grammar topic. We cover one lesson per week.

Unit 1
Lesson 1: Story: A Package for Mrs. Jewls
Grammar: Complete sentences- Subject/Predicate of sentences
Lesson 2: Story: A Royal Mystery
Grammar: Identifying types of sentences
Lesson 3: Story: Off and Running
Grammar: Compound Sentences and Subject/Predicates of sentences
Lesson 4: Story: Double Dutch
Grammar: Identifying nouns- Common and Proper Nouns
Lesson 5: Story: Elisa's Diary
Grammar: Singular and Plural Nouns

Unit 2
Lesson 6: Story: Quest for the Tree Kangaroo
Grammar: Verbs
Lesson 7: Story: Old Yeller
Grammar: Direct and Indirect Objects 
Lesson 8: Story: Everglades Forever
Grammar: Conjunctions
Lesson 9: Story: Storm Warriors
Grammar: Complex Sentences
Lesson 10: Story: Cougars
Grammar:Direct Quotations and Indirect Quotations

Unit 3
Lesson 11: Story: Dangerous Crossing
Grammar: Subject and Object Pronouns
Lesson 12: Story: Can't You Make Them Behave, King George?
Grammar: Verb Tenses
Lesson 13: Story: Molly Pitcher
Grammar: Regular and Irregular Verbs
Lesson 14: Story: James Forten
Grammar: Commas and Semicolons
Lesson 15: Story: We Were There, Too!
Language: Meanings of prefixes
Grammar: Transitions

Unit 4
Lesson 16: Story: ‚ÄčLunch Money
Language: Word part meanings
Grammar: Adjectives
Lesson 17: Story: LAFFF
Language: Definitions from Dictionary & Thesaurus
Grammar: Adverbs
Lesson 18: Story: The Dog Newspaper
Language: Homophone usage
Grammar: Prepositions and Prepositional phrases
Lesson 19: Story: Darnell Rock Reporting
Language: Correct endings to base words
Grammar: Pronouns
Lesson 20: Story: Black Stallion
Language: Similes and Adages
Grammar: Proper Mechanics and Writing Titles

Hound Dog True novel
Grammar: Proofreading practice

Unit 5
Lesson 21: Story: Tucket's Travels
  Grammar: Verbs be and have
Lesson 22: Story: The Birchbark Tree
Language: Definitions from Dictionary & Thesaurus 
Grammar: Perfect Tense verbs
Lesson 23: Story: Vaqueros
Language: Adages
Grammar:Easily confused verbs
Lesson 24: Story: Rachel's Journal
Grammar: Making comparisons
Lesson 25: Story‚Äč:  Lewis and Clark
Language: Analogies
Grammar: Contractions

Unit 6
Lesson 26: Story: Animals on the Move
Grammar: Possessive Nouns
Lesson 27: Story: Mysteries of Cliff Palace
Language: Suffixes and their meanings
Grammar: Abbreviations
Lesson 28: Story: Fossils: A Peak Into the Past
Grammar: Commas in a Sentence
Lesson 29: Story: The Case of the Missing Deer
Grammar: More Commas
Lesson 30: Story: Get Lost! The Puzzle of Mazes
Grammar: Other Punctuation

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